User Getting Started Guide - Entering a New Incident

User Getting Started Guide - Entering a New Incident

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This exercise is provided to assist you in determining how easy it is to enter a new incident from scratch.

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Below are the details of the incident to be entered. Following these details will be a step buy step guide on how to enter these incident details into iX.

Incident Details: Assault and robbery of an employee in the employee parking lot.

  1. Reported Date/Time: Today’s Date 11:45 AM
  2. Occurred Date/Time: Today’s Date 11:50 AM
  1. Class: Security
  2. Category: Crime
  3. Sub-Category: Robbery
  4. Type: No Weapon
  1. Operations: Parking Lot - Employee
  1. Root Cause: Criminal Act
  1. Enter text into the summary field is as it appears below.

    11:45 PM
    Employee , Joan Wyman , was robbed in the employee car park when she was arriving for her shift. She reported the incident to Security immediately.

    Said she did not know much – it was dark, and it all happened so fast.

    Called police

    While waiting for the police to arrive Joan and I reviewed the CCTV footage of the car park to see if the incident was captured.

    12:05 PM
    Police Officer Jose Martinez arrived. We showed him the video –– he radioed his dispatch and gave them a description of the vehicle.

    Officer Martinez took down the details and gave us a file reference number as well as his name and badge number – File # 52500, Badge number 448836.
  1. Person 1: 
    Name: Joan Wyman
    Relation: Reporter / Victim
    Person Type: Employee
    Department: Administration
  1. Person 2:
    Name: Unknown 1 
    Relation: Suspect
    Person Type: Trespasser
    Gender: Male
    Description: S houlder length blond hair
    Comments:  Passenger who robbed Joan’s purse.
  1. Person 3:
    Name: Unknown 2
    Relation: Suspect
    Person Type: Trespasser
    Gender: Female
    Comments: Driver of suspect car.
  1. Vehicle 1: 
    Property of: Unknown 2
    Involvement: Suspicious
    Person Type: Employee
    Description: A sky-blue Ford Fiesta with a burnt out left rear light. 
    Comments: The male passenger had shoulder length blond hair and was wearing a white t-shirt.
  1. Item 1: 
    Property of: Joan Wyman
    Name: iPhone
    Brand: Apple
    Model: 11
    Colour: Rose Gold
    Value: $1,400
    Comments: In Joan’s purse was her wallet containing her driving license, $25 dollars and a Visa credit card.
Same Day Update From Police
  1. 2:30 PM
    Officer Martinez called to say they found the car and arrested both the driver and his passenger and charged them with robbery.
  2. Suspects: The driver of the car was a female – Darlene White. The passenger was Myles Otis, who admitted stealing Wyman’s purse.
NOTE: This new information necessitates revisiting the incident and editing the UKNOWN Person’s details.
Next Day Update
  1. 10:00 am Suspects appeared in court, apologized to the court and to the victim. Judge sentenced the passenger to 3 months and the driver to 1 month.

Exercise - Incident Entry Step-By-Step

Step 1 - Sign In

2. Enter the email you used to sign up for Incident Xpress.
3. Enter the password you created during sign up.

Step 2 - Select “New Incident” from the Main Menu

NOTE: The signed in User’s name is automatically inserted. If an investigator is assigned later, his/her name will appear in the Investigator field.

Step 3 - Select "When"

Step 4 - Select Dates Reported and Occurred

NOTE: Date reported, Date occurred are both required fields. They default to the current date and time for both fields. If the time the incident occurred in unknown, check the Uncertain checkbox and that will put a question mark in place of an actual time.
1. Select the "Date reported" field to access the calendar popup.

2. Select the time field and edit to 11:45 then select PM and [OK].
3. Select "Date occurred" and repeat step 2.

Step 5 - Select "What"

A 4-level hierarchical list (parent/child relationships) is used to classify an incident.  The labels for the 4 different levels are editable in the Administration section to whatever labels an organization would prefer. That said, the ones below seem to be a standard.

1. Click on the "Class" dropdown list and select Security.

2. Click on the "Category" dropdown list and select Crime.

3. Click on the "Sub-Category" dropdown list and select Robbery.

4. Click on the "Type" dropdown list and select No Weapon.

The incident has been classified as a SECURITY incident, that was a CRIME, a ROBBERY and NO WEAPON was involved.

NOTE: The lookup list in your vertical may differ from the example above. Some organizations do not like to emphasize CRIME so instead of it being a CLASS they make it a CATEGORY under SECURITY.

Step 6 - Select "Where"

The labels for the location dropdowns shown above are the default labels and may be different depending on the vertical you are using. These are editable by the System Administrator and there can be up to 6-levels to describe a location, for example, Country, City, Campus, Building, Room – or something similar.

1. Click on the "Operations" dropdown list and select Parking Lot - Employee.

Step 7 - Select "Why"

1. Click on the "Root cause" dropdown list and select Criminal Act.

NOTE: WHY is the ROOT CAUSE of why an incident happened. 

Step 8 - Select "Summary"

This is where you enter a description of what happened. Remember you do not have to repeat any information collected elsewhere, for example, person details. However, do not be overly strict with this as the summary needs to make sense. 

All text entry boxes have a mini word processor, complete with spell check, bolding/underlining or italicizing, and you can choose from three font sizes. 

TIP: When entering details into the Summary Section do it in diary format.

1. Enter the following details in the text box under "Summary".

11:45 AM 
A female employee was arriving for her shift when she as mugged in the employee car par. The thief stole her purse and got back in the passenger seat of the car drove off at high speed.

12:05 PM 
Police arrived - Officer Joel Martinez.
I showed him the video clip of the robbery and provided him with a copy.
Officer Martinez interviewed the victim and took a detailed statement.

12:15 PM     
I gave Officer Martinez a copy of the CCTV footage.
He gave the victim a copy of the police report and asked if we wanted to copy the victim’s statement for our records. We said yes.


2:30 PM           
Officer Martinez called to say that two suspects were arrested and charged. Their next court date was set for one month later.


10:00 AM          
Suspects received a 4 month’s sentence.

2:00 PM          
Closed incident.

Step 9 - Select "Persons"

1. Select [ADD].

2. A dialog box will come up asking of the person is an employee. Select [YES}.

3. Select the two toggle switches “Reporter” and “Victim.”
4. Enter “Joan Wyman.”
5. Select “Person Type” and pick Employee.
6. Select “Department” and pick Administration.
7. Enter Joan’s job position – let us use Secretary.
8. Enter Joan’s Date of Birth. 
9. Select Joan's Gender type.
10. Enter Joan’s work phone number and her email address.

The person bar will label the record Joan Wyman.

NOTE: A photo of involved persons can be imported to the form.

11. Select [ADD] and then [NO} in the dialog box “Is the person an employee?” to enter Suspect 1's details.
12. Select the "Suspect" toggle switch.
13. Enter Myles Otis under First and Last name.
14. Select "Trespasser" under Person Type.
15. Select "Male" under Gender.
16. Under Description, add 6' to Height, Blond to Hair Color, Shoulder Length to Hair Type, No to Facial Hair and No to Eye Glasses.
17. In the Comments Field type “Vehicle passenger who assaulted and robbed Joan".

18. Select the [ADD] button to add the second suspect's details.
19. Select [NO] for not an employee in the dialog box “Is the person an employee?”.
20. Select the "Suspect" toggle switch.
21. Enter Darlene White under First and Last name.
22. Select "Trespasser" under Person Type.
23. Select "Female" under Gender.
24. In the Comments Field type “Vehicle driver".

NOTE: Entering a picture of an involved person is easy. Select the picture icon, select the photo file you want to upload and double click it. Position or crop the picture and then confirm the picture is the one you want to import by selecting [OK].

Step 10 - Select "Vehicles"

1. Select [ADD].

2. Select the “Property of” field and select Darlene White.
3. Enter “Ford” for the Make.
4. Enter "Fiesta" for the Model. 
5. Enter Sky Blue for the Color.

NOTE: You are also able to attach files under vehicles by selecting the [ADD ATTACHMENT] button. Examples of attachments may be a photo of a vehicle that has been damaged or an accident report.

Step 11 - Select "Items"

1. Select [ADD].

2. Select the "Stolen" toggle switch.
3. Select the “Property of” field and select Joan Wyman from the list of involved persons.
3. Enter in the "Name" field iPhone.
4. Enter in the "Brand" field Apple.
5. Enter in the "Model" field 11.
6. Enter in the "Color" field Rose Gold.
7. Enter in the "Value" field $1,400.
8. Enter “In the purse was Joan's wallet containing her driver's license, $25 and a Visa credit card." in the "Comments" field.

TIP: Similarly to Vehicles, photos of items can be added as attachments to the Items section.

Step 12 - Select "Attachments"

1. Select [ADD].

2. Enter the name for the attachment. In this case it would be Incident 197 Police Report.
3. Select [CHOOSE FILE] and select the appropriate file by double clicking on it.
4. Select [OK] and the file will be added to the Attachments section of the incident.

Step 13 - "Corrective Actions"

1. Select [ADD].

2. Select “Corrective action type” and from the dropdown list select None Required.

3. Select the toggle switch “REFERRED.”

NOTE: Selecting “REFERRED" brings up a new form with toggle switches for “Internal” and “External”.

4. Select "External".
5. Select “Police” from the dropdown list of Outside agencies.

6.  Enter Officer Jose Martinez's name and contact details.

Step 16 - Select "Close Incident"

1. Read the warning and select [OK].

2. Select the radio button that shows your user name and then select [CLOSE}.


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