Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Select the Email Notifications section to configure an email message that is automatically sent to one or more people when an incident is saved that has a certain type of Incident Class. This is a useful tool to alert specific managers when a critically important incident occurs.

Email notifications can also be used to alert others when an incident with a certain Incident Class requires a significant and/or immediate response. 

You can configure multiple notifications for different incident types if desired.

Task: Add, Edit, or Delete an Email Notification

Use the following procedure to create a new email notification.

1. Select the [ADD] button to open the "Add Notification" dialog box.

Figure: ADMINISTRATION screen – Add Email Notification 

2. Type in a name for the notification in the "Email Subject Heading" field.

3. Type in the email addresses (separated by commas) that the automated notification should be sent to.

NOTE: The email addresses added to the notification do not have to have a user account in iX. 

4. Use the CLASS, CATEGORY, SUB-CATEGORY, and TYPE dropdown lists to select what kind of incident will trigger a notification email. Only the CLASS entry is mandatory; the other fields are optional.

5. Select the [SAVE] button to save the new notification.

6. To edit an email notification, select the pencil icon next to its title.

7. To delete an email notification, select the trashcan icon next to its title.

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