Select the Audit section to perform an audit of Incident Xpress activities. Your audit can be configured to show a set of user activities, or a specific type of activity, across a selected date range.

Figure: ADMINISTRATION screen – Audit 

Task: Perform an Audit

Use the following procedure to perform an audit of Incident Xpress activities.

1. Select the "Date from" and "Date to" fields to set a time range for the desired audit. 

2. Select the "Filter" field to choose between auditing a specific activity or a specified Incident Xpress user. Select the activity or username in the adjoining field.

3. The results will be displayed below.

4. To view more detailed information for an audit result, select the magnifying glass icon in the "Detail" column. Or to select a different date range to search, enter new “Date from” and “Date to’ fields and select [SEARCH]. This will update the search results displayed.

NOTE: Selecting a long date range of several months can result in a delay before the audit results are displayed depending on how many records are in the Incident Xpress database.

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